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The Alexander Technique in Herts


Hello and welcome to my website. Iím Pieter van der Grinten and I am an Alexander Technique teacher in Welwyn Garden City. The Alexander Technique is fascinating, and unique in its ability to improve so many aspects of your life Ė from posture to movement, circulation, reducing wear and tear, breathing and stress relief.

If you have an appetite for life and living it to the full, have probably achieved many things in life but still aspire to change, and are prepared to invest in that, the Alexander Technique could be ideal for you.

The Technique is named after Frederick Matthias Alexander who, in the 1890s, developed the principles as a personal tool for himself to improve his performance during public speaking.

Over many years the benefits of learning the Technique have shown to be highly effective in a multitude of areas and by a wide variety of people including actors, musicians, writers, athletes and business people. Changing our posture and breathing can help improve our ability to focus, gain self confidence and enjoy vitality.

The Alexander Technique has proven to be an effective non-pharmacological remedy for chronic or recurrent back pain in a study published by the British Medical Journal in 2008. It can also improve pain management and offer rehabilitation after surgery or injury.

Please read some of my pupilís testimonials who express in their own words what the Alexander Technique has meant to them. If you are curious to find out more, please either call me or send me an email and we can arrange an initial consultation.